What is Hope in Motion?

We are excited to announce the launch of Strathcona High School’s 2017 Scona Initiative, the “Hope in Motion” campaign! For the past nine years, the students of Strathcona have come together in support of many different local or global causes.  Through fundraising and service efforts, we have been able to make a difference in many lives and communities and to bring together the students, staff, and greater community of Edmonton in a fun and meaningful way. 

This year we will be doing a 24-hour Bikeathon on March 10-11th of 2017 in support of The Jack Davis Hope Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping low-income families who are facing costs associated with the care of their ill children. Since 2007, this organization has been able to assist many families and children with their genuine and hope-driven projects. We are going to be working alongside the volunteer-run foundation to provide more families with care than ever before. Through the Hope in Motion campaign, we aspire to create an everlasting impact in the lives of so many.

We're live! Thank you to all the students, staff, alumni, and guests who attended our Live Launch. We look forward to fundraising with you.

Metrics of Impacts

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Information for Participants

To access important campaign documents and learn more about Bikeathon, go to

Here you will find registration packages for Scona and non-Scona students, sponsorship forms,  logos, and instructions on creating a fundraising page.

Corporate and Business Donation Levels

Platinum = $10000+
Gold = $5000-$10000
Silver = $2500-$5000
Bronze = $1000-$2500

We welcome any company that is interested in becoming an official sponsor of our Hope in Motion Campaign in support of the Jack Davis Hope Foundation. Any company that donates or sponsors us will have their logo displayed on our recognition banner and rotating on screens in the gym during the Bikeathon itself. In addition, Platinum and Gold sponsors will have their logo displayed on this website, our social media, and on our official campaign video that will be posted on YouTube.


Meet some of the fundraisers that are part of this campaign

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